Healthy treatments for neck skin self-massage a neck skin


We present you some treatments for the neck. Self-massotherapy neck skin beauticians suggest to do any day. Self-massotherapy strengthens the neck skin muscles of a face, neck skin allows you to clear your skin of toxins and deposits, improves blood circulation. Isolated dry and wet methods neck skin massage. To preserve the nice of the neck skin longer require a rightly pillow...

Poise. Holding the head.

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Therapeutic clay for the face.

Affinity of clay


What substances are not alone found in cosmetics a second your! Honey, milk, aloe, paraffin, various fruits and vegetables, and clay is not an exception. Babbitt sees clay so a building substance or how material for a manufacture of delicate porcelain. Sculptor, for example, may address this question more creatively. Clay for it is the ideal item for a realization of his creative ideas and artistic ideas. In a cosmetic industry as clay - a material for skin recovery, therapy and give it elasticity, unique building substance for a "creation of lovely."

A action of the clay due to a large extent its mineral composition. In some types of clay dominated silicon, in others - aluminum, in a third - manganese.

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Cleansing the skin with olive oil


A first thing to learn - to clean the face with olive oil. The simplest scrub: millet bran (TWO spoon) and the like quantity of butter to combine, knead a facial skin and neck for 1-TWO min, then wash with hot water.

Cleansing natural milk for preparation need a glass of milk, cucumber, olive butter (1 teaspoon) and any essence oil that suits you (1-TWO drops). Cucumber rub on a small grater, pour lukewarm milk and insist a cover in an hour. Then filter, throw in butter - olive and essence, mix and use - however a lightness night cream, nourishing cleanser and makeup remover. Milk can be stored in the refrigerator for TWO-3 hours.

Cover with olive oil

Face covers with olive butter you can do with a skin type.

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Moisturizing and nourishing. Time and night creams


Lack of water in the aging body ages a facial skin, reducing its elasticity, promotes wrinkles. So later cleaning a facial skin to moisturize. There are special moisturizers, facial skin covering an invisible protective layer. A basic purpose of every day cream - moisturizing the skin and keeping a evaporation of its own moisture...

Put maintenance of face in winter: properly wash, choose a means to leaving and salon therapy

Our skin, adapting to variant weather conditions, changes its basic properties. With cold-blooded weather and reduced daylight reduces a production of sebum. Female skin is moderately oily, rule close to dry, very dry becomes more very dry and sensitive.

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However to visually hide face imperfections - or his own do-up artist


No women with perfectly shaped facial skin, polish skin without any flaws. However, if you know however to do makeup meticulously, correct and correct irregularities, you can attain polish room form, smooth silky facial skin and alluring look. Not necessarily be a good create-up artist to make a face more beautiful by current cosmetics. Some tricks and professional approach - and a face is similar a cover of a fashion magazine. Limited application approach and performance do-up will help you create a fine makeup and fashion, and his face gentle, smooth and prettily...

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Elasticity of the facial skin


Our face may lose elasticity and not only with age, but for various reasons. This may be a small diet and care, and overdrying skin dehydration, gestation, rapid mass loss, a effect of harmful environment, etc.

Today, enough makeup to remedy a situation, but we'll keep you here some the use of fatty oils, how good how some of a products that restore skin lose elasticity, making it smooth and supple.

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Face cover of blue clay


TWO soup spoon of blue (blue) clay, append a mineral water or watter leaves, so to get a consistency of thick fluid. Add the mixture to 1 teaspoonful of grapefruit extract. Extremely goodness blend, crush all lumps. The mask is used with a thick layer on clean facial skin except for a eye area. Keep the mask should not exceed Fifteen minutes. Rinse off a mask to heartwarming water.

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